A Terrible Sight Short Story

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A Terrible Sight
This story takes place on May 13, 2005 at 10:00 p.m. Today is a cute little girl, Claire’s, birthday. I know, so sad that it was on a Friday the thirteenth; And, I wasn 't scared of it until this very day. Why? It is because I saw a terrible sight. A terrible, horrible sight.
Oh, by the way, I am Hawawaa the Hummingbird. The boss of the Secret Agent Headquarters of North America (S.A.H.N.A.). An occupation where when we find out that there was a murder, we go, find out who, and arrest them. I am exceedingly busy with this job. We have caught so many animals, there are too many to count! I live in Canada on a Himalayan Pine Tree in a small, brown, nest inside of a door that I carved in the tree. It is always locked (do not worry,
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Well first, Bert was over at his friend Kurt 's tree, whose tree is very small unlike mine. Kurt is a northern pygmy owl that is nocturnal but stays awake a lot during the day to watch out for predators like foxes or cats. Bert and Kurt decided that they would spy on owls close by and scare other birds away. They were doing it all day, those rude, meany-feathers! By the time Bert came back home, it was about 11:00 p.m. Usually, he has his meals every four hours. Since Bert hadn 't eaten for so long, he must have been hungry. It had turned out that I was correct. He went into his prey-searching position again. After about 16 minutes, a vole scurried by to its little home. Please don 't see it, I hoped. It was almost as if he could read my mind though. As soon as I thought it, he did that sudden movement and got the vole. My peephole and his window line up together, so that when he is inside I can still him and everything he is doing. This helps the S.A.H.N.A. make traps for him. Bert brought the vole into his kitchen dining table cutting open the live animal. I couldn 't take it. I looked away and wept a few tears just as I did for Maria. After twenty minutes I look back at him. He was taking the first bite of his meal. If only I had looked two seconds later. I wouldn’t have seen the flesh being cut right through by his teeth. I thought I was going to cry a river of tears and puke an ocean of vomit. I look away again for another ten minutes. When I look back I see him spit…show more content…
I walked right into his house, not thinking about what kind of traps may be there. I had been shocked that there there was no lock. Then, I suddenly stepped on some kind of branch or button or something like that. Something fell from on top of me. I never found out what it was, however I got stuck. Suddenly, someone opened the door. No matter who it was it was scary. So scary that I flew right out of the sticky substance and the out the window. As I sat down on my kitchen counter panting and out of breathe, I started to come up with a plan to get into the house, and make it so that Bert couldn 't get in at all. Then I could capture him from outside and take him to the S.A.H.N.A. prisons. There is no possible way an owl
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