A Thematic Analysis Of 'A Nurse's Story'

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Peter Baida wrote an emotional short story called "A Nurse's Story" that emphasized the life and death of Nurse Mary McDonald, was suffering from colon cancer. She does understand what is happening to her, and she has found peace with herself about dying. In the story, she explains the different times in her life and the patients that affected her in her nursing career. She is content with her life and calm to face death; indeed she knows a lot about her condition because of her training being a nurse to be mistaken about the deterioration of her body. Emotional cost and other conflicts that may impact patient care. A nurse has many unique struggles when a patient's lives are on the line. “Forty years ago, in the years before Tom Seybold was born, his mother had two mis-carriages. Mary still remembers the look in Laura Seybold’s eyes after the second one” (p. 573); she never forgets the look in Laura’s eyes. Seeing this happened to patient’s can be emotionally hard for a nurse to see because these bond and feelings will stick in a nurse’s mind. Dementia patients are also careful when they see the derogative things to nurses of different ethnicities; however, a nurse needs to try to brush off to continue to…show more content…
As eating or drinking anything, I think about what this can do to my oral health, like in the story she knew a lot about her colon cancer. Making a difference, she explains another nurse named Clarice Hunter who cared for her grandmother, “This woman is a jewel,” Mary’s grandmother said to Mary, while Clarice blushed. “This woman is a blessing” (p. 574). Whereas this nurse came to the hospital in the early morning hours to comfort her patients that were dying; she tried to comfort her grandmother; however her grandmother could not pass until nurse Hunter came in to comfort
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