A Theoretical Perspective On Human Trafficking

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According to A Theoretical Perspective on Human Trafficking and Migration-Debt Contracts human trafficking is more complex than what most people contemplate.
The relocation of a human can cause an extreme amount of anxiety for the migrant as well as the trafficker. There are multiple people that assist in the trafficking of individuals who have specific concentrations: investors fund majority of the operation, organizers oversee the entire operation, recruiters seek potential migrants, transporters assist migrants on land, air, or sea, corrupt public officials negotiate how to get migrants in and out illegally, guide and crew members get the migrant from one location to the next, enforcing ensure that everyone is doing their job, local assistance
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Researchers are perplexed as to why human traffickers would want to be a part of such a horrifying experience for innocent people who simply want a better life for themselves and their family. In order to decrease number of humans being trafficked, consumers must be educated on the last terrifying effects it has on the individuals (Alexander M. Capron, & Francis L. Delmonico. 2015). Nonetheless, society has to seriously boycott their actions and demand that they end their immoral habits (Alexander M. Capron, & Francis L. Delmonico. 2015). Women are being tricked into thinking that traffickers will provide a better and more pleasing lifestyle for them if they do what they are asked to do one hundred percent of the time (Van Impe, K. 2000). While many people are under the impression that the cause of human trafficking is caused by poverty and a lack of education, more and more women are being sexually abused (Joarder, M. A. M., & Miller, P. W.…show more content…
2014. p40). Illegal immigrants are living in a country where they are not receiving the full protection of the United States because they are not legal citizens (Brennan, D. 2014. p41). Sadly, women and children go through three levels of vulnerability once they are forced into the human trafficking industry: personal vulnerability is preexisting life situations, situational vulnerability is created by someone else, circumstantial vulnerability is created unexpected (Di Nicola, A. 2009. P3). The study concludes that the massive number of sex trafficking that is steadily increasing; many Americans and government officials have found that by enforcing deportation laws human trafficking will decrease (Brennan, D. 2014. p42). Not to mention, the rise of HIV/AIDS has and will increase due to the uninvited actions of unprotected sex (Mameli, P. A. 2002. p76). The contemplation of human trafficking alone is looked down upon and outsiders are easily angered, but no action is taken place to implement change (Honeyman, K. L., Stukas, A. A., & Marques, M. D.,

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