A Thousand Splendid Suns Analysis

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In A Thousand Splendid Suns Khaled Hosseini exposes the scenario of that time of society under the rule of fundamentalist government like Taliban and with this also exposes the suffering of women in that environment. He reflects the cultural, political and social structures of Afghanistan in degrading Afghanistan women. At various instances in novel Khaled Hosseini tries to reflect the situation of women or how they are being treated by the male dominant society which reflect other themes as well as relates with their oppression and hope, the senselessness of War, also points toward women education with other issues.
Throughout the novel one may see in the characters who retain themselves with a particular hope dealing with certain oppressions. In the first half of the novel At significant points throughout the novel, characters express their individual hopes. For example, when Mariam asks Mullah Faizullah if she may attend school, her journey of hope begins but remain for a short time as her mother Nana shatter her hope by denying her from going school; she told her to teach one thing i.e. endure silently. For Laila, hope lies in Tariq and an attempted escape from Rasheed. Most characters walk into such events with high levels of hope for the future, but once confronts with the reality, their hopes got crushed. Not only do these waves of hope provide the reader with suspense and emotional attachment to the characters, but this sequence of repeating cycles of hope and dashed
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