A Thousand Splendid Suns Feminist Analysis

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Within thirty-nine years, from 1964 until 2003, there were six eras consisting of King Zahir Shah, Mohammad Daoud Khan’s Republic, communist rule, mujahideen’s conflict after the Soviet troops left, the arrival of the Taliban, and the presidency of Hamid Karzai. In the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, politics play an important role in women’s rights. It began with King Zahir Shah and Najibullah, with rights that allowed women education and career; later the Taliban took over and ended freedom in women; ending with the Taliban’s surrender following 9/11, again allowing women more rights. Mariam and Laila were affected mostly negatively by the political rules put into place regarding women. According to the Feminist Majority…show more content…
Bush announces war on Afghanistan, the Taliban, and Osama bin Laden. The Taliban refused to relinquish bin Laden due to the pashtunwali code of ethics. “The coalition forces have driven the Taliban out of every major city, pushed them across the border to Pakistan and to the mountains in the south and east of Afghanistan. ISAF, an international peacekeeping force, has been sent to Kabul. The country has an interim president now, Hamid Karzai.” (Hosseini, 138-139). The Taliban are pushed out of Afghanistan, introducing safety in major cities and Laila and Tariq’s return to Kabul; where Laila is able to improve the orphanage in which Aziza attended and begin teaching children. When Hamid Karzai is put in charge, he gives females the opportunity of education and career once again and safety to Kabul and other major cities. Women’s rights were impacted by the political alterations. The Taliban took away women’s voice, vision, and mobility; the United States of America’s removal of the Taliban, brought back rights for women. The ISAF repaired Kabul from the Taliban’s impacts on embassies, schools, and hospitals. Laila went from getting an education, to being beaten for walking unaccompanied outside, to teaching female children. The political influences caused women rights to fluctuate between positive and negative
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