A Time To Kill Analysis

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Francheska V. Ronquillo P-101 Sec 8 II- BS ENT Mrs. Jeanette L. Yasol-Naval A Time to Kill “What’s in us that seeks the truth, is it our minds? Or is it our hearts?” - Jake Tyler Brigance Summary: A 10 year-old black-girl named Tonya was brutally raped and almost killed by two overly intoxicated white-men named, Billy Ray Cobb and James Willard. After the incident, the two men were arrested by a black Sheriff Ozzie Walls at a local bar. The girl’s devastated father, Carl Lee Hailey seeks help to the young white lawyer, Jake Tyler Brigance who also has a daughter like Carl’s. Jake had a strong feeling that Carl might do something bad to the two men who almost slaughter the little Tonya. Jake told his…show more content…
The fallacies present were mostly Argumentum ad Hominem, Argumentum ad Misericordiam, Argumentum ad Populum and Argumentum ad Baculum. Let’s start with the Argumentum ad Hominem. In real life, the usual court hearings use the ad Hominem attacks because it is more likely to win an argument if you’re going to destroy your opponents’ credibility. There were a lot of witnesses who had experienced ad hominem attacks, but this one has caught my attention and I will use it as an example. The psychologist who tried to defend Carl by his factual statement, but then Atty. Buckley used ad Hominem attacks (by exposing the past statutory rape case that the psychologist had involved himself for whatever he says will become useless because no one will believe in him. But later on, it was found out that the girl was 17 and the psychologist was 23 when he was accused of statutory rape. The girl became the mother of his child and they were married. Also in the movie, the white’s used racism to destroy Carl Lee and put him into anguish. It is also said that just because he is black, he doesn’t deserve the equal rights and he must put to
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