A Tragic Legacy Summary

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Throughout the Bush presidency, there were many rise and falls of his approval rating by the American public. The greatest rise and falls were due to the aftermath of the Al Qaeda terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and the fallout caused by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the book A Tragic Legacy,Glenn Greenwald illuminates a spotlight that focuses on the many falls of ex-president, George W. Bush.
Greenwald, who is a former constitutional law attorney and is now a contributing writer at Salon, has been a regular contributor to The American Conservative. His views and analysis of the bush presidency in A Tragic Legacy are supported by his former experiences. Greenwald 's views in his book A Tragic Legacy are mainly that of discontent about the Bush presidency. Greenwald points out a lot of flaws in the bush presidency that are mainly caused by his actions after the aftermath of the Al Qaeda terrorists attacks on September 11th, and Bush 's actions and
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Greenwald states that president Bush had Manichean beliefs about the wars, which is the belief that the world is divided into two separate opposing spheres of good vs. evil, and the U.S. was going to bring good "Democracy" to the rest of the world (Greenwald, pg.46). In a speech President Bush gave in 2002 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Bush states "Either you 're with us or you 're against us, Either you 're on the side of freedom and justice or you aren 't." (Greenwald, pg.39). Greenwald uses this quote to clearly illustrate President Bush 's Manichean beliefs and his views as President. Greenwald uses quotes like that and numerous others throughout his book to illustrate his view point about the Bush
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