God's Existence In A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

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When one is lost, God is the founder, but what happens when his presence is nowhere found. The novel of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith talks about a second generation Irish family who lives in a poor neighborhood that has a tree called The Tree of Heaven due to its growth in cement no matter if it watered or not. Throughout the novel the the topic of God’s nature being his holiness is addressed through the serious events that Francie and her family experience.

God is known to be just, but in the novel he allowed Francie and her good family to suffer a lot. For example, Gods arms is whom everyone relies on to be safe, but where was God when this happened to Francie, “He slipped and the exposed part of his body touched her bare leg...At
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Throughout the novel, Francies Mother, Katie, seeked help from God, but received nothing, this is what she says, ”’Dear God, give me two months...There was no glow. She tried again.’Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus, you know how it is...She waited. There was nothing…’Johnny, wherever you are, pull yourself together just one more time...She waited again and this time the glow came. And so it happened that Johnny helped them” (304). As Katie’s situation became tougher she began to weaken and ask the holy creator, God, for help. She prayed to all, but realized that she was not heard, so why would God want her to go through her situation alone since Johnny, the father, died. Where was God when Katie needed him to give her strength in order to get up and continue working hard for her children, however things changed after praying to…show more content…
Years were long and full of struggles for Francies Aunt, this is demonstrated when Francis says,“Sissy had had three husbands. There were gen tiny headstones in a small pot in St. John 's Cemetery in Cupress Hills, belonging to Sissy. And on each stone, the date of death was the same as the date of birth” (265). Where was God when Sissy was unsure and felt pointless for not being able to give life to a child since that is every women 's dream. Where was he in every labor that she had that ended up being nightmares. Sissy had to get instead of have a baby therefor, this traumatizing event could have led her to kidnap a child someday since she was desperate at the age of
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