A Tribe Called Quest: Song Analysis

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People’s Instinctive Travels and Paths of Rhythm is the debut album of A Tribe Called Quest. Released 27 years ago in 1990, it is considered a classic album to critics today. What makes the album distinctive or important is the historical significance that A Tribe Called Quest created, the sonical style, the lyrics that were used, and the production. The album would one day make A Tribe Called Quest famous, it helped to get their name out there. Their abstract style of performing hip-hop in this album would one day be influential to other hip-hop artists careers. It was not one of greatest hip hop albums ever produced as it was criticized by Rolling Stone, but it had such an impact on hip-hop that it could be considered one of more important hip hop albums to date. The album is historically significant being that it was the first album of A Tribe Called Quest. They would soon be known as one of the most legendary and beloved hip-hop groups of all time (PR Newswire) If this…show more content…
The song is conversational, Q-Tip is explaining his story of leaving his wallet in Mexico and not realizing it until when he was back in New York with the group. Q-Tip was joking around with his audience in this song, it was what he and the group wanted to be seen as. The song contained rock samples for the beats, but not jazz unfortunately. The majority of the album had rock and jazz sampling that made the album distinctive from other albums at the time. “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” was a hit song of the album. It would be considered in the group’s top 10 best songs that they ever made (Stereogum). What’s surprising with this song and the entire album was that they were all teenagers when they produced it, Q-Tip was the only one who turned 20 when the album was released (Stereogum). It's impressive that a young group of teenagers would soon be so influential to hip-hop and the people who listened to their

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