A Tribute To Hans Hubermann Analysis

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A Tribute to Hans Hubermann

Hans Hubermann left an impact on many people's lives. He was born in Germany on the 1st of March, 1890. Not much is known about his childhood besides for the fact that he fought in World War I when he was older and that is where be met and befriended Erik Vandenberg. During his service he learned to play the accordion and made that his life profesion. After the war he settled down with his wife Rosa on Himmel Street in a town near Munich called Molching and fathered two children, his son Hans Jr. and his daughter Trudy. Throughout Hans’ life, he would go on to be kind and witty man. He worked as a painter and an accordion player in the evenings. He was very fond of cigarettes and enjoyed rolling and smoking them so much that
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After he met Liesel his life changed.
Liesel was the new source of happiness in his life. With his son in the Nazi Party and daughter always working, Hans and Rosa felt disconnected with their kids, so they took in a little girl named Liesel. Hans and Liesel connected on many scales and formed a strong bond. For the next couple of years, Hans would live a normal life in Molching with his wife and foster daughter. In 1941 Hans would go on to allow a jewish man to hide in his home. This man was Max Vandenberg, the son of his war friend, Erik Vandenberg. He sheltered and fed Max in his home until he would end up feeding another Jew in public in a “Jew Parade” and get punished for it by being sent into the German military as an “LSE”, a person who cleans up cities after bombs have been dropped. Because of the suspicion surrounding the Hubermanns, Max decided it would be best for him to leave the household. In the LSE, Hans experienced scarring and heart breaking sights and
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