A Trip To Aruba

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There are so many fun and wonderful things to see and places to discover while in Aruba. The shallow crystal clear water off Baby Beach is the perfect location to see an abundance of colorful marine life while snorkeling or just to relax and soak up some sun and watch the lizards scurry past. You can take a jeep tour to explore the other side of the island. The rocky terrain is not only unexpected, but a perfect contrast to the white sandy beaches you automatically think of when you think of Aruba. Many of the sites that are available to explore while on the tour are the California Lighthouse, the Natural Pool, and the Alto Visa Chapel. You will also get a glimpse at how much stronger the current is on this side of the island as compared to the current along the beaches.…show more content…
There are a number of tours that are available during the mornings and afternoons. One of the most popular sights to visit during the trip is the Antilla Shipwreck which is located near the northwest tip of the island and is a paradise for divers of all experience levels. Evening excursions are also a fantastic way to view Aruba’s spectacular sunset from the water. Finally, a trip to Aruba wouldn’t be complete without a trip downtown for some shopping, fine dining, or nightlife entertainment. The food in Aruba is spectacular. El Gaucho Argentine Grill features mouth-watering steaks, Kamini’s Kitchen offers authentic Arubian dishes, and excellent seafood can be found at

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