A True Friend In Joseph Whitewell's The Day Of The Last Rock Fight

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In life, a true friend is considered to be one of the most important things a person can have. Sometimes friends get in trouble, and when they do it’s your responsibility to help them. The soldier from Panos Ioannides’ story “Gregory” and Ronnie Quiller from Joseph Whitehill’s “The Day of the Last Rock Fight” both have friends that they constantly try to keep out of trouble. When in trouble, a friend will do everything in their power to assist you.

Despite witnessing the murder, Ronnie does everything he can in order to help Peter Irish appear innocent in the murder of Gene Hanlon. For example, he creates an alibi so he doesn’t have to expose Peter “Ronnie weren’t you here at Baker Post all the time?” (Whitehill, 5) “No damn it. I got to thinking their army might try a crossing up by Able Post, so I
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This proves to be significant because this shows the lengths that Ronnie is willing to go to in order to keep his friend safe. Withholding information from the police about a murder can make you an accessory to the crime, despite knowing this he was willing to lie and possibly endanger himself. Obstructing justice so that your friend can be safe is a very difficult decision to make, as it affects more than just you. The parents of Gene Hanlon would be devastated to not know how their son died, the police will have spent lots of their time and money on a case that only two people truly understand how it unfolded. The soldier in the story “Gregory” also made many sacrifices for his friend, but in a much more subtle way. Prior to their friendship, he was considered to be the enemy, however once spending time with him they grew to become acquaintances. Once he found out that he was to be executed, the soldier sends Gregory off to do many tasks so that he can be portrayed as somebody who is valuable
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