A Turning Road Seurat

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Art is something when a person uses their creativity, skills, imagination, and expressions in

their artwork. The left side painting is by Georgia Seurat “ A Sunday afternoon on the time

island of La Grande Jatte, ” and the right side is by Andre Derain “ A Turning Road L’Estaque.”

The similarity between the artists is the subject, but each artist uses different effects, shape, mass,

and color on their art. First, Both artists use a different technique in their painting. In A Turning…, Andre uses a

technique called impressionism that gives effects on color and light by using brushstroke. In A

Sunday…, George uses a technique called pointillism by plotting small dot of color side by side

in painting, so it can create
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For example, you see he painted a lot of bright color trees

everywhere and fewer people doing their things. Between the both artist, they might have same

rhythms because of their combination of elements repeats. Still , Both Artist has an emphasis in their paintings. In A Sunday…, George shaded

the big couple on the right and fewer little people on the left. Added a darker color that constant

between the light of the Background; giving his painting emphasis. In A Turning…, Andre

painted wavy bright trees and landscape that emphasizes his painting. In A Sunday..., George

uses the line of horizontal and vertical in his painting. For example, the tree and people standing

up creates a vertical line. The boats on the river and people sitting down on the ground create a

horizontal line. These lines give unity in george painting. In A turning…, Andre create two-

dimensional art by depth. George has variety in his painting because he added contrast of

brighter colors to be visual in his panting.

The reason why the Artists decided to paint their art is that they wanted to show their

expression or movement about their painting. Andre Derain wanted to demonstrate
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