A Type Of Love Story Analysis

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In Sara Cole’s, “A Type of Love Story” Ron loved Sarah, though he thought that she was unattractive. He doesn’t realize it until the end that he loved her, and he regrets that he pushed her away. In Stacey Richter’s, “The cavemen in the hedges” the cavemen in the story are viewed as unwanted by society, until the end of the story when the cavemen are done. After which they are gone do the public regret not appreciate their existence, then realizing that what they had experiences was a once in a lifetime deal. Both of theses stories carry the from a cliche “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone,” meaning if you don’t appreciate people or certain things during the present, you’ll live in regret once you lose them.
In “A Type of Love Story,” Sarah declines Ron’s invitation to make love and storms out of his apartment. Though Ron knowing what Sarah really meant when she explained that they were different, Ron still pursued his interest with her after this. What Sarah really meant was that he was beautiful and she was not, and at that moment in time she didn’t feel comfortable with that, even though she says “sure” to wanting to sleep with him. Though at this point it
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Kim has been bringing up marriage and the narrator finds the idea overwhelming and unnecessary. He reminisces when Kim and himself were ten years younger and were in the punk scene. The cavemen can be viewed as the present day punk scene, and Kim’s involvement with them speaks for her missing the punk scene. The narrator who suspects that she is cheating on him is oblivious to her needs. In the scene where he is seduced by a cavegirl, the cavegirl resembles a younger Kim which in which he longs for. Realizing that they are growing more distant, he makes a final attempt to win her back by proposing to her. It isn’t until the end when he finds her and the other cavemen that he realizes that he has just lost
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