A Typical Rural Novel Analysis

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2 A Typical Rural Novel: Malela Jiv is not only a story of love and suffering. Rather it is a story that highlights the human emotions and inspires to face the challenges of life. It is not only the story of Kanji and Jivi but rather it is the story of the human couple. It is the sensitive story of the entire society. Besides, it is the rural element that beautifies the characters, their emotions and their dealings with one another superbly. It is the element of rural setting that the novelist has used in shaping the characters and the theme of love in the novel. Here Pannalal presents the characters speaking their dialectal language, rural human mind, the social and religious events, folk songs, folklore, sayings. All these are the fundamental elements of a rural novel. The guarding of the maize crop, tilting, sowing of the seed, cutting and weeding in the fields, irrigating the wheat crop, the public fair, marriages, community meetings, singing of Huda and dohra, Bahamans and the like give vitality to various aspects of the novel. Basically it is a moving love story of Kanji and Jivi; but the entire story has been enlivened with the description of the various events associated with the rural setting. In this sense, Malela Jiv is not only a story but a life pulsating with various activities. Pannalal has wonderfully written the entire story in dialectal speech of the characters. The wondering goddess, Motichhada dev, the dancing of the so called devotees in fit of

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