A Unique Character In Molière's Tartuffe

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Molière’s play, Tartuffe, features an ensemble of unique characters who all reveal their personalities to the reader in their own way. For example, you have a character like Cléante who displays to us that he is a very wise and logical free thinker. Furthermore, the character of Orgon is able to illustrate that he is a gullible, but caring man who tries to see the best in people even though it almost causes his downfall. Of course, we also have the title character of Tartuffe, who, as his name suggests, is a hypocrite, with no real regard for anything besides his own motives. Of all the characters in the cast of Tartuffe I found that the one that resonated with me the most was Dorine. The website “GradeSaver” describes her as “brassy, bold, and opinionated; she is also…show more content…
I appreciate Dorine’s sarcasm because I find myself using a similar style of humor with my friends. I expose some of the comical features in not only their personalities, but my own in ways that we can laugh at ourselves without getting too embarrassed. I can also appreciate her intelligence and how she uses it. Rather than just having intelligence and never applying it for the good of others, she manages to use it to support the family even though her social position is just a maid. I realized that I personally strive to use my intelligence to help others in a similar way, which is probably the reason why I am attending pharmacy school. Lastly, Dorine is very opinionated, which can potentially be bad if you say the wrong thing in certain situations. Fortunately for me, I realized that though I am opinionated, I am not as outspoken as someone like Dorine. I usually stay quiet and keep my opinions to myself unless the situation asks for it. In the end, my resonance to Dorine highlighted my own character traits to myself and even provided some insight as to who I am and the type of person I want to

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