A Utopia Or Dystopia In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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What makes a community a utopia or a dystopia? In 1992, Lois Lowry was inspired by her dad to make the book The Giver because her dad was losing his memory, he forgot Lowry’s sister’s name and death. Lowry wondered how it felt to feel no pain,sadness or happiness. She took her thoughts and came up with the idea to make a book where the society is “perfect”. People wonder if the society Lowry made in the book is actually a utopia or a dystopia. Is the society Jonas lives in a Utopia or a Dystopia? Jonas’s community can be considered a dystopia because people can’t make their own decisions, they kill babies if they don’t pass a test or if one is a twin, and people in the community aren’t able to have feelings, see color, or feel loved. First, people can’t make their own decisions because Jonas’s community already makes the decisions for them and they don’t let people do whatever they want. The community has certain rules that don’t allow them to do everything they want to do. In document E, it states “ Then he laughed a little. “I know it’s not important, what you wear. It doesn’t matter. But — “ “It’s the choosing that’s important, isn’t it?” The Giver asked him.” In document E it also explains that people aren’t able to choose their mates or jobs. In document F it explains that the community wouldn 't let anyone make their own decisions because they might make the wrong choice. The evidence explains that Jonas’s community is a dystopia because people in the community
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