A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Summary

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A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a Colombian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist. Marquez has made many stories but in my personal opinion “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” is his best one. The point of view for the story is third person point of view. This is a magic realism story which means basically the real world and the fantasy world and mix together. You can tell this story is magic realism because the story's title the old man with enormous wings no real person can have enormous wings. The setting is basically in Pelayo and Elisenda courtyard they never left that location. The story is about a family that finds a old man who is presumably a angel and instead of taking care of him they lock him up and they got paid from the town to see him. The reason i say this short story is a point of view is because Gabriel Garcia Marquez doesn't really tell us in this story what the characters are thinking. He writes it as hes in a distance and were…show more content…
After Pelayo kills some of the crabs he goes to throw them away. While he goes to throw it away he hears groaning. He walks closer and sees a old man with enormous wing he tries to pick him up but the old man is struggling it get up. Then Pelayo rusn to get Elisenda. After bringing scared of him they finally talk to him , but they couldn't understand what the angel was saying so they called a neighbor woman who knows everything to see him. She took one look and tells them that he is a angel who must have came for his son. She insisted on them to club him. But they didn’t have a heart to club him so they do the next worst thing they dragged him out of the mud and locked him up with the hens in the wire chicken coop. He planned on sending him off in a raft the next
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