A Vietnam Diary Entry

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We just arrived home from Vietnam and I decided to write a diary entry about everything that happened and that we did. So to start with I have always sung and especially with my sisters Gail and Cynthia and my mum, my mum used to sing to us when we were little and she still does. I think I’m the best singer out of us so when my sisters were going to the pub talent show in town without me I was pretty cross, but I ended up finding a way there and joining them on stage half way through. The pub in town is where we meet Dave Lovelace who is the reason why we were able to go to Vietnam and sing, after we convinced him to take us to the audition in Melbourne. Mum didn’t seem very happy with the idea of me going to Melbourne little own Vietnam because I’m too young apparently and I had to look after my kid, so I couldn’t go, for the first few days that is. Dad and Grandma said I could go once the girls had left and they helped me get there without mum noticing, because she would…show more content…
We made it through the audition and Kay saved us by thinking of the name Sapphires on the spot because its way easier to say. After the judges said that we’re going to Vietnam I was very excited because there’s not much we can do for me to become famous back at home and it was my idea to go to Vietnam in the first place. Our first performance was amazing we went really well and everyone in the club was dancing with us and as usually Cynthia was off making out with some random guy and I was talking to this guy who told me that anyone could have trough a hand grenade at us at any point which really scared me. while we were traveling around Vietnam doing shows for the soldiers it really showed me how bad this war was we were even attacked once just before a show. It turned out to be a really good experience and nobody other than Dave who was shot in the shoulder got

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