A View From The Bridge As A Tragic Hero Analysis

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Eddie of Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge is a Modern Tragic Hero Anam Sheikh MA-II Student, LVH College Panchavati, Nashik-3. Abstract: Tragedy has always been considered as a highest form of literature as compare to comedy. Tragic hero, since the birth of the Tragedy, has remained unchanged, but in the Twentieth century the modern playwrights gave us a new kind of Tragic Hero, which we could call as Modern Tragic Hero. Keywords: Tragedy, Tragic Hero, Modern Tragic Hero. Introduction: Tragedy, though a part of drama, has played a vital…show more content…
e) Real or life-like; he should be, despite high rank, human as we are. f) Consistent; his action, behavior, speech, emotions, should be consistent with one another; if he happens to be inconsistent, he must be consistently inconsistent. g) In possession of Hamartia; he must possess a conscious and unconscious flaw which brings about his tragedy. An error of judgement. h) Subjected to reversal of fortune; he must slide from a status of prosperity to deplorable misfortune. This reversal result from a discovery or a recognition or both- he must move from ignorance to knowledge and suffer pain. Eddie as a Modern Tragic Hero A View from the Bridge is considered one of the finest Tragedy of Arthur Miller. It revolves around the life of Eddie Corbone, a longshoreman. Though he is a tragic hero, but he is not a traditional tragic hero like Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet or like King Lear. Miller, it seems, slightly differed from Aristotle’s concept of Tragic Hero in following ways: I. Eddie does not belong to the high social class or distinguished family, he belongs to the middle class, he is a mere worker of a port and does not possess any distinguishable qualities of traditional Tragic Hero as expected by the

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