Eddie In Arthur Miller's A View From The Bridge

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In “A View from the Bridge”, Arthur Miller presents Eddie as an overprotective, opiniated man who through the play gets more and more agitated by Rodolpho who he believes is taking Catherine away from her. At first, it appears that Eddie is the cause of his death at the end of the play, having called up the immigration office and said “I want to report something. Illegal immigrants. Two of them.” His actions results in Rodolpho and Marco being taken away by the immigration officers. The fact that Eddie has done this shows how much he hates Rodolpho and how much he cares about Catherine as he essentially is reporting his wife’s cousins which would have risked his relationship with Beatrice. Having done this, he must have expected some consequence,…show more content…
It is understandable that Eddie felt left out as Eddie has known Catherine a lot longer than Rodolpho and if Catherine had not been so oblivious, it would definitely have calmed Eddie down. Eddie said “I bless you and you don’t talk to me.” The fact that he “blesses” her shows that even though Catherine now loves Rodolpho, Eddie still loves her but doesn’t feel as though Catherine loves him back. This may be why Eddie took out his knife, to try and get Catherine back to as close as they were at the beginning of the…show more content…
If Eddie wasn’t so overprotective then he wouldn’t have had such a big problem with her falling in love with Rodolpho and he also would have let her go out and meet other guys like any other girl her age would have done so in a way Eddie brought it on himself as Catherine has no experience of what true love is. He fusses over the way she dresses to what her job is. His overprotectiveness becomes apparent at the start of the play when Catherine has bought some new clothes and he thinks “it’s too short.” At her age, Catherine should be able to choose what she wears without having to have approval from

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