A Visit To Manassas Museum Essay

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Ohemaa Asantewaa Ofori-Addae
ENG 112 A Visit to the Manassas Museum Manassas Museum is the place I visited and it as small place but has lots of information. They have lovely staff members who explains the exhibits, souvenirs and also the hall in which the main exhibits are stored. Its main focus is about the local history and before you begin to tour the place you will be giving a brief history about everything. For my case, I went with my sister and a friend and the staff there asked us a question. The question was to find the material that was used for shoe in that era and that it was not cotton. He demanded this answer after we had had finished touring the place. As part of the requirement for my English class, I had to go to the museum. The visit to the Manassas museum helped broaden my understanding about art and also add more knowledge to a story we read and researched about Martin Luther King Jr and his fight for freedom and an
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It included pictures from war, materials people used, pictures from slave trade and among others. I learned that slave trade was very profitable to traders, merchants and masters. One of the pictures that was sketched by a British artist showed proceedings of auctioning of slaves. Slaves were not only bought or sold to rich people but they could also be given to people to get rid of a debt. That means as a slave one did not know their fate since their fate lay in the hands of their masters. For the shoes that was worn during that time, the staff told us that they were ambidextrous which could be worn either way. He also said that the shoes were heavy during that time and they had to drag their feet as they walked.
Thus, my visit to the Manassas Museum was very educative and I was able to add more to what I knew. I learned to appreciate the purpose of art which was a good lesson and also saw tools, clothes and materials used by people during the late
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