A Visual Reflection Of A Visual Adresentation Of Neglected Children

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The central focus of this image is the graphics represented. The words on the billboard are almost as important, but are not the main focus as without the mannequin dressed as a child behind the curtain, the main point would be lost. What is interesting to the viewer is not just the words and the mannequin, but how the Australian Childhood Foundation presented it. They didn’t simply put the mannequin behind the curtain with the words to the side, they put him behind the curtain first. Once the inevitable happened (people ignored the child completely) they shocked the viewers by putting the message up. People were impacted by this more than just seeing it all at once. They felt, maybe guilty about ignoring “neglected children.” Obviously this image makes the list for being in the realm of “most powerful images” because that was where it was found. However, if it were to be placed elsewhere, this image belongs in child abuse and neglect themed textbooks. It would present an interesting realization for the Human Development or Psychology major to think about. That is precisely why I chose this image in the beginning. Being in a major where I hope to help abused/neglected children this immediately stood out to me. That being said, not many people would be unaffected by a visual representation of neglected children. Most people would have a reaction to seeing this advertisement, not just those interacting with the theme regularly. The two main elements of this graphic are a) the

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