A Rhetorical Analysis On Neglected Children

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The central focus of this image is the graphics represented. The words on the billboard are almost as important, but are not the main focus as without the mannequin dressed as a child behind the curtain, the main point would be lost. What is interesting to the viewer is not just the words and the mannequin, but how the Australian Childhood Foundation presented it. They didn’t simply put the mannequin behind the curtain with the words to the side, they put him behind the curtain first. Once the inevitable happened (people ignored the child completely) they shocked the viewers by putting the message up. People were impacted by this more than just seeing it all at once. They felt, maybe guilty about ignoring “neglected children.” Obviously this…show more content…
This image embodies the message it is trying to get across, which in turn engages the audience. This is rhetorical analysis. They not only are trying to convey a message, but are also attempting to persuade onlookers to think twice about neglected children. Neglected/abused children are made to keep quite which causes them to go unnoticed. Since these children are being subjected to this form of abuse induced silence, they do not have the chance to voice themselves. They are made to feel silent and unwanted. The theme of the image; being to expose the voices of neglected children, certainly accomplished its goals. The target audience is everyone. It is trying to reach as many people as it can to help recognize the voice of neglected children. Even people who are actively involved in helping neglected and abused children are needed to improve awareness. This image is applicable to anyone and everyone. The subjective value judgments that this image contains might include that not everyone or every place treats children the same. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. Meaning, in America we see neglected children as something that needs to not happen. However, countries all over the world like Thailand engage in abusive behavior towards children all the time without much being said or done. The very premises of this image is to call attention to

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