A Wall Of Fire Rising Short Story

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In the short story, A Wall of Fire Rising by Edwidge Danticat shows how the author uses the story cycle narrated by a third person including the thoughts of the characters. In this paper, it will address the characters, setting in which the story took place and the different themes that are included in the story poverty, deprivation, hope, and despair. In A Wall of Fire Rising, there are three main characters throughout the story the mother, father, and their seven-year-old son. This story is about a poor family of three and there is the father called Guy whom tires his best effort to provide a decent living for his loving family. Since where he lives isn’t a wealthy place to live and doesn’t have a decent life like he would wish to have. Guy is the father of Little Guy and husband of Lili. Guy works cleaning bathrooms at a plantation to support his family. However, Guy is ashamed of the menial work he does, although he truly loves his wife and son, he dreams of starting all over again. Guy is tired of living the life he’s currently living because his father was once struggling, “ How is a man remembered after he’s going? I know the answer now. I know because I remember my father, who was a very poor struggling man all his life. I remember him as a man that I would never want to be.”(p. 397) For Guy, it’s a never-ending cycle of poverty he’s tired of and wants freedom. Throughout the short story he fantasizes a lot about the air balloons near the sugar mill,“Sometimes, I
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