A Whole New World Analysis

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A Whole New World Influence is a force and no person possesses the ability to escape from it. I allow many outside forces to influence me, like family, friends and fictional characters. Influence always affects me in so many different and unexpected ways. One of the strongest influences in my little world is school. Socializing is extremely difficult for me. I prefer staying on the sidelines with a few close friends. After receiving the news of the move to America, I immediately became extremely anxious about needing to make new friends. I love my friends and want to avoid the painful process of making new friends again. My last month in Malaysia was spent saying goodbyes and arranging meetings with relatives and friends before I became half a world away from everything I know and love. Soon enough, the awaited flight to America came and 30 hours later my family arrived at the doorstep of our new world and opened to door to our new lives. After an amazing summer of travelling and binging on Netflix, the moment of dread finally…show more content…
Drastically. I became lazier, more complacent and slightly more brazen but not all changes were bad. I feel less stressed, became more expressive and found renewed self confidence. These qualities, however, are not the new changes but the byproducts of the actual changes. What really changed was the people around me. In Malaysia, my friends prefer more introverted activities and care more about their grades than sports or fine arts. Therefore, I never gathered the courage to explore the possibilities outside my small little bubble. In America, suddenly I face so many outstanding people who freely express themselves and chase after their dreams. I felt inspired to finally try the extracurricular activities I always wanted to attempt. I found myself more willing to explore the unknown and figure it out on my own. It seemed like the world opened up to
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