A Windowed House Short Story Summary

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Rara little girl was 8 years old, are eager to have a window in his home a small walled former triplex in a slum where scavengers lived in Menteng Pulo, Jakarta. Si Mbok, Rara ailing grandmother - pain and Raga who was nicknamed Father of ornamental fish and cobbler, do not have enough money to make or buy even just a single leaf windows and their frames only. Rara also has Bude, Asih, he did not know if it works Budenya not kosher, mBok and Raga did not like the job Asih. That is why, especially Raga dislike Asih stay with them. The condition of their home which is already crowded with a variety of second-hand goods is also an obstacle placement of windows in the house. But Rara still knitting dreams, through imagination and image - drawing simple windowed house that he has made. He just wanted through the window, saw the birds chirping in the morning, rain that falls, or just enjoy the morning sun touched his face. With friends - a fellow child scavengers, before ngamen or ngojek umbrella if it 's raining, Rara school in a simple place, especially for street children .Bangunan school had only walled side: 1.5 meters high and roofed former. Mrs. Alya Only one volunteer teaching there that guide and nurture the children of the scavengers. Elsewhere, in a luxury housing Aldo Jakarta is a 10-year-old boy were slightly retarded, miss someone a friend in the middle of a busy family with their urusanya -masing. He was the

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