A Winter Rose Elaine George Analysis

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In the poem “A Winter Rose”, by Elaine George, the author depicts an image of seasonal suffering through the implementation of imagery and personification in order to express longing and despair for the past. The poem provides insight regarding the feelings of attachment that exist between the author and a rose covered with snow. Through the use of figurative language, the author juxtaposes yearning to be reunited with a rose. Each of the desires described through the poem are then unified in the questioning of their own legitimacy. George relies upon the use of diction to create a sentimental mood in order to express feelings of awe toward the coming of the season, winter, in the first quatrain. The snowfall, described to be in perfect condition, creates a diversion from “the sorrow of autumn’s death” (2). Autumn can be interpreted as the weakest point of the seasons because plants are withering away. The coming of winter provides an escape from the “sorrow” explicated, thus creating a shift towards a nostalgic and perceptive mood that embodies the struggle of the roses. The snow provides an escape from the tragedy of the past and instead looks forward to the future of other seasons. “The beauty is held ageless in…show more content…
After realizing that the rose can no longer be held or reached, the tone shifts towards pessimism and negativity. The fact that the “aching heart” (10) desires to free the rose from the “ice so bitter cold” (11) implies that the snow is now seen as a prison that prevents interaction from taking place. The coming of winter allows for a shield from the suffering from autumn but at the same time freezes the rose and prevents it from carrying out the human characteristics that were addressed in the quatrain before generating a feeling of disdain for
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