A Woman On The Roof Analysis

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INTRODUCTION In order to have good understanding of importance of modern literature, I will write and share my views on different short stories, their concepts and theories. Not going to lie, it is hard, but a “man’s gotta to do what a man’s gotta to do,” (Jetson, 1962) which is why one of the stories “A woman on the roof” by Doris Lessing will be sharing my views about Feminism and Irony (Dialogue). “Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger” by Saki, Setting and Post-Colonialism “The Guest” by Albert Camus, Dialogue and Existentialism DORIS LESSING - A WOMAN ON THE ROOF (FEMINISM, IRONY) “We (females) never thought we’d get this far, but we’re here.” (Quintanilla, 1993) Great quote by Selena Quintanilla to showcase the importance of feminism. With this is in mind, the story is written about independency of females, gender inequality and judgement from the first look, which are strongly appearing in the story. The female in this story, is seen as unpatriotic and not subject to moral standards at that time. Despite this, male builders on the roof are seeing her as an object and not as a human being. As the story was published in the 1963, woman and equal rights overall were less complicated than they are now. See in the 60s, roles of females and males were pretty straight forward. Males were the ones who had the power and rights, meanwhile females were the suppressed ones and doing what males were telling them to do. However, second wave of feminism started from the
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