A Woman Who Has Sex Like A Man Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis of “Why Everyone is So Threatened by A Woman Who Has Sex ‘Like a Man’” Author Zara Barrie, wrote an editorial called “Why Everyone is So Threatened by A Woman Who Has Sex ‘Like a Man’” with intentions to persuade and inform readers about the controversial concept that women shouldn’t have sex ‘like men have sex.’ She proposes that men can have sexual interactions with whomever, whenever but, when women do they are judged. Her opinion is that women should be able to have the same kind of openness with their sex lives without the judgments and shaming. Published August 4th, 2015 on Elite Daily, the article is to address these differences between men and women, also encourage women to not feel ashamed for their sexual intentions. Barrie presents this article in an informal way by using crude language, excitement, and vulgarity to express her dissatisfaction with this issue and, uses examples which she breaks down into 5 different subjects to help her argument.…show more content…
She bolds each point to show importance of each. ‘Being she’s creating the “Female Gaze”’ is the first point that she expands on by referring to the original term “male gaze” which is the idea that all media are specifically created to satisfy a straight, male audience. Barrie says “the media function and generate money on the objectification of women to please the “gaze” of men”. She follows up by asking “how many times do you see women in a bikini selling a product that has nothing to do with bikinis or anything bikini-related?”. She thinks that the male gaze emphasizes the importance of a man’s sex drive while basically ignoring that a women’s sex drive even exists. Lastly, she encourages women to challenge the male gaze by being the one to do the gazing, not just be gazed at- by having sex for her own enjoyment and
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