A Work Of Artifice Analysis

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Both “A Work of Artifice” and “Barbie Doll” were made in the 1960s, which during the Feminist Reformation. Marge Piercy wrote these poems to rally citizens to strive for an overall female equality. Like “A Work of Artifice”, “Barbie Doll” arises the idea of unnatural beauty and unreal expectations. Piercy fights against the idea that as a woman of the 1960s, females were expected to be beautiful in order to satisfy the history of the male attraction.
Some men and women have been so pressured by society, that they go under the knife for acceptance. In Piercy’s poem, “Barbie Doll,” she mentions a girl cutting off her nose, which may have been related to the idea of plastic surgery. However, then by achieving the “perfect body,” people may question
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