A Worn Path Analysis

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The short story, A Worn Path written by Eudora Welty, focuses and enhances the idea of perseverance through one’s race and age. Eudora Welty uses these topics in most of her pieces but this story in particular expresses it honorably. A Worn Path takes place far out in the country during the middle of the winter. An old African American woman, Phoenix Jackson, has to take on a long journey into the town to get special medication for her grandson. Throughout the journey, Phoenix encounters many obstacles that she has to overcome to help her grandchild. One can see that Phoenix Jackson is a warrior through her profound intellectual abilities, persistent behaviors, and her selflessness. Phoenix Jackson is able to show her intellectual side through her street smarts on her travel into town. While traveling on the long path, Phoenix gets stopped by a hunter with his dog. The man is trying to persuade Phoenix to go back home and not continue on the worn path. While this is happening, the old woman notices that a shiny nickel falls from the hunters’ pocket. Phoenix quickly distracts the young man so she can grab the money and keep moving along. “Then she gave a little cry and clapped her hands and said, ‘Git on away from here, dog! Look! Look at that dog! She laughed as…show more content…
In A Worn Path, Phoenix uses her race and age to manipulate others to get their money. With the hunter, Phoenix tricks him into doing something else so she could steal the nickel that fell from his pocket. Then, she is able to get the attendant to give her more money she intended too. Phoenix also shows how she will stop at nothing to help her loved one and will put herself in potential danger for him. Because of that, it shows how Phoenix is persistent and cares more for her grandson than herself. All in all, Phoenix Jackson continuously proves herself as a warrior throughout the duration of A Worn
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