A Worn Path By Eudora Welty

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Imagine, a grandmother with no one to help her and no way to get to town except by trekking through the woods just to get medicine for her sick grandson. A trek that takes this old lady up a hill, through thorny bushes, and over a stream with no way of getting across except for a log laid over it. A world where this exists is the United States of America in the early to mid-1900s. As the old lady sets off, immediately she encounters difficulty, a hill, the first threshold. Welty’s depicts Phoenix as a determined character on a long, difficult journey to the doctor’s office to elevate her journey to that of a hero’s.
Eudora Welty in “A Worn Path” uses specific details when Phoenix is overcoming challenges in her path to shoe she is determined to complete her journey and help her grandson. When Phoenix crosses the creek, Eudora Welty writes that a, “Log was laid across the creek”. Here Welty implies that Phoenix is expecting this to be a challenge, but despite her fear, she is determined to finish her journey. The purpose of this implication is to show how a hero must be determined to finish the task despite what fear and insecurities may enter the mind. When Phoenix must get through a barbed wire fence, Eudora Welty writes that Phoenix must, “Creep and crawl”. By this,
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The purpose of this quote is to prove that Phoenix is a hero by showing her as
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