A Worn Path

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A journey, at times, can seem endless. Throughout, a person can face an immense amount of hardships. This is the sole embodiment of both, “A Worn Path” and “Because I Could not Stop for Death.” The characters in both writings are going on a journey, a journey in which neither asked for. As both writings progress it begins to seem that this will be both their final journeys. Unlike, “Because I Could not Stop for Death” At the end of “A Worn Path it is learned that Phoenix has made the journey several times over the past years for a reason, because of her sick grandson (Welty 61-62). Therefore, the two writings are both similar due to the journeys being their last, neither one wanting to be on their journey, and they are different because Phoenix…show more content…
He was remembering his travels with Death. This journey was not one he necessarily wanted to be on. This is based on the first two lines of the poem, “Because I could not stop for Death he / kindly stopped for me.” During the poem Emily Dickinson did not give any sort of reason to why her character was on a carriage ride with death. This is the complete opposite to Phoenix in, “A Worn Path” whose only reason for her journey was to help her sick grandson. Her reason to carrying out her actions was based solely on the love and hope she had for her grandson. Although, the two characters are similar in some ways this is an immense difference between them. The journeys between the main characters in, “A Worn Path” and, “Because I Could not Stop for Death” are incredibly similar yet different in some ways. Both characters experience what seems to be their final journey, they seem to not want to be in their current situation, but they are different because Phoenix has something to accomplish with her journey. Throughout, “A Worn Path” a sense of Phoenix’s selflessness is gained from the hardships and kindness she suffers to make someone else’s life better. In sum, their end was embodied by their final
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