A Worn Path Literary Devices

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Southern Bells It’s been said that growing up in the south is like a type of religion. People grow up learning certain meanings and stick to those strong values. Phoenix Jackson from the story “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty and Miss Emily Grierson from the story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner both southern women, both hold strong values, and are similar in many ways. Looking more into how the author used literary devices to convey his message throughout the stories which made connections between the stories. The story of “A Rose for Emily” is told in flashbacks. It describes a woman named Miss Emily Grierson who is basically the talk of the town. After the death of her father she becomes a static character. She’s seen as a static character because throughout the story her traits don’t change. She refused that her father died and became mad. She isolated herself from the rest of the town causing them to wonder if she’ll ever leave home again. Like the story “A Worn Path” Phoenix too had her own issues which people have seen as mad. She believes that her grandson is still alive. Although the difference between the two would be the type of character they are. Phoenix would be considered as a dynamic character keeping the story interesting along her journey into town. In a review of the reading “A Worn Path” Elaine Orr described Phoenix Jackson as a “charity case”. She describes others views that the story is nothing but Phoenix Jackson’s journey to get her grandson
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