Similarities Between John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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A worth it sin Love makes you a total fool… you would do anything for the others person… even kill.
George and Lennie were inseparable, and not for the reasons, Lennie needs it to be watched, they care for each other was deep, like they both used to say ”But not us! An’ why? Because… I got you look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that’s why” (Steinbeck, 14). I never thought two people so different could be this near from each other. This sentence made a clear image of the bond between two friends. But as at the beginning, I say, love, make us the biggest sinner.
In the first place, killing Lennie is an example of the deep cares George had for Lennie. People would immediately be against with this thesis, but let me explain
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As well as, at the time, when Curley men left the ranch, he had the opportunity to stay there, instead George went to the place (the one he orders Lennie to go if he does any disaster), to rescue him, so both could escape together... Yeah, right, in this case, George didn’t fulfill his promise, they will escape together, aha right, that would say, Lennie in heaven, touching the soft clouds, but in this life only one escape, but the two respects the other the same way. George is a man uncontrolled by the others, he let his heart and his head to take away Lennie. Further in, George gave every single part of his heart to Lennie, George gave his friend everything, even his sin, but if I had the opportunity I’ll give George another chance, a new excuse, so he still is as innocent as…show more content…
This makes us realize, George, being a person who seems like he doesn’t have enough patience and tolerance, looks like he would easy murder Lennie years before, but he did have this special bond, apprehension. To illustrate, if you have the opportunity to slip out from your duty, the biggest duty, many people would do it, but George didn’t, Why? He did care and love his innocent friend, with his heart.
In summary, killing Lennie is an example of the deep care George had for Lennie. Even with their differences and disagreements, each of them had this enormous respect and affection for each other. However, one of the main oppositions my thesis has is “George didn’t love Lennie”, so my question here is, if he didn’t love him or care enough, why did he rescue
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