A Wrinkle In Time Character Analysis

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The fantasy fiction book A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L’Engle is a book about a scientific family called the Murry’s. The Murry’s oldest and youngest kids, Meg and Charles Wallace, are introduced and we learn more about them and their family and their missing father. These two and Calvin O’keefe take us on a breathtaking adventure through the universe and show their strong bond as friends to save Mr.Murry even when losing Charles Wallace at one point from IT, with the help of Mrs.Whatsit, Mrs.Who, and Mrs.Which. I believe the theme of the A Wrinkle In Time is family is important when people go through adversity, they are there to help. The reasons I know this is because in the book we learn that Meg’s father goes missing and with her family as close as they are, it makes their lives difficult, Charles gets taken by ¨IT¨ leaving them to have to avoid him now and try to find Mr.Murry with just Meg and Calvin, and with Meg and Charles strong family bond Meg is able to save Charles and they make it home with her father.

First off, we meet our protagonist named Meg Murry. She explains how her father and mother are scientists and that her father went on a trip for his job and went missing. This shows the huge impact on the Murry family of their missing father, even Mrs.Murry is shown grieving during the book. We can see Meg grieving in chapter 1 page 4 in the book. ¨-That’s what they’ll be saying next. Not mother. But them. Everybody else. I wish Father-.But it was still
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