A Wrinkle In Time Literary Analysis

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It was a stormy night in the Murry house, and Meg Murry, as a result of having a room in the attic, is afraid that the hurricane may blow down her room, and possibly their entire house. That night, a lady named Mrs. Whatsit enters the house and claims that she was blown off course. Meg and her family noticed there is something unusually interesting about this elderly woman, and, as Mrs. Whatsit claimed, there is such a thing as a tesseract. Mrs. Murry’s face went white, and she wondered, how could she have known? In the book, A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeline L’Engle, this is the situation that is set at the beginning of this prodigious book. Madeline L’Engle used many marvelous writing characteristics, including the main conflict, the imaginary setting, the many characters, and fantasy techniques to compose a finished work of…show more content…
The author used several fantasy techniques, and they are the storyline conflict, thematic conlfict, and the realistic setting, to a fantasy setting, and returning to the realistic setting. Next, A Wrinkle in Time included many unique characters that were all essential to the book. They are Sandy and Dennys, the three Mrs. W’s, and Aunt Beast. The imaginary setting of Camazotz was very important to the plot because of everything being unrealistic and Meg having that as a disadvantage, the futuristic technology, giving Meg another disadvantage, and finally having everyone be the same, giving Meg one more disadvantage when she was on Camazotz. Lastly, the complex conflict was Meg needing to save her father and eventually needing to rescue Charles from the hypnotizing rhythm of IT. One night, Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace were whisked off into an imaginary world, and with the help of three women, their experiences changed their lives

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