A Wrinkle In Time Meg Character Analysis

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Throughout the novel , A Wrinkle In Time , Meg proves to be a character who shows shyness, learns confidence , and understands courage . Throughout the novel , A Wrinkle In Time , meg shows shyness. Meg was thinking about herself but meg was not thinking of herself very highly of herself. “-- a delinquent , that[‘s] what [I] am , [meg] thought grimly” pg.1 . Meg is really lonely and so she thinks that she is not good enough to please everyone. Meg and charles and calvin are going into camazotz and the w’s are giving them gifts. “‘so for you i will strengthen this gift . meg i give you your faults”’ “‘my faults !”’ meg cried” “your faults” “ but i’m always trying to get rid of my faults”’ pg. 63 . Meg is just not letting herself get control of her thoughts and emotions. Meg learns confidence by showing she can handle the situation at hand meg has decided that she will get charles wallace back .‘“ that it has to be me, it can’t be anyone else,- i don’t understand charles wallace but he understands me.”’pg 128 . meg is becoming way more independant and coming to an understanding that she is worth…show more content…
meg now understand courage because she now has a new sense of being nice and brave .meg is arguing with her dad and meg is getting really angered. “‘ No ! and you 'd better take me back to camazotz and charles wallace quickly! You’re supposed to be able to help”’Pg. 109. meg does not understand the situation and she needs to get a hold of herself[ but meg is speaking more of her thoughts] . meg is explaining why she has to get charles back.“ I’m the one who is closest to him, father had been away for so long since charles was a baby, they do not know each other, and calvin’s only known charles for such a short time, if it had been longer it would have been him, but -- oh i see -- i see - i understand , it has to be me, there isn 't anyone else.”’pg. 128. meg now has a better understanding of it takes courage to take on such
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