Only A Wrinkle In Time Analysis

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This is the story of the time I felt abused. It still continues to this day on and is slowly coming to an end. “What a chicken,” he said. “Yeslek chicken” he continuously repeats. A friend of his joins in. It all began on the day I was too afraid to sit on the skateboard and go down the bumpy paved hill. I was too afraid to go down, being scared to get hurt. Feeling scared and not doing these daredevil actions caused the problem and beginning of them bullying me. Should I of been scared? Yes, for ‘Only a fool is not scared’- Madeleine L'Engle (author of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’). Someone with no fears isn’t human. As humans, we face our fears midst the battle against them. They bully me out of something I was afraid to do for my safety. It didn’t stop there; they constantly…show more content…
I’d help them deal with the bully and help them speak up to him/her. In a case when I’m not around and I’m busy, I’d give them steps to deal with the problem. I would first tell them to first ignore the bully. If that doesn’t work, I’d tell them next to be brave and to stand up to the bully, letting them know that he/she isn’t alone. I’d also tell them not to bully back because that would make everything worse, and he/she would also become a bully. Telling an adult is only when it gets serious, for she/he should first try to solve the problem. I’d also tell him/her to not let the bully know that she is upset, because that may result in the bully trying to tease her more, breaking her/him down. When I first acknowledged this as an abusive one was when I first learned that these acts were really considered ‘bullying’. I had always thought that it wasn’t, and that it was just them being mean. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional

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