A Yellow Raft In Blue Water Character Analysis

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If the goal of an author is to establish a relationship between reader and character in order to enhance a reader’s knowledge of a certain topic, then, creating sympathetic characters with whom readers connect is not only vital but also mandatory. Authors use various devices in order to create compassionate characters. A sympathetic character is employed to compel the reader to acknowledge the situational and emotional hardships and enhances the reader’s compassion. In addition to sympathy, readers often feel empathetic towards characters, which means that they not only acknowledge the characters struggle, but also have a personal understanding of the character’s struggle. These characters evince an emotional response from the reader. This…show more content…
This allows the reader to have a deeper connection with the characters, as they can picture them as real people, rather than just words. Anatole Broyard, from the New York Times Book Review, stated in his review of A Yellow Raft in Blue Water that “these women are beautifully realized”. This is true of both the characters in A Yellow Raft in Blue Water, as stated by Broyard, and Love Medicine. In A Yellow Raft in Blue Water each character is created to be unique and vibrant, which allows the reader to imagine them as real people. The three main women in this book are Ida, Christine and Rayona. Each protagonist represents a different generation and age group, allowing the novel to access a broader audience. By giving these women both strengths and weaknesses which people struggle with every day, the author invites the reader to truly relate to these women. It also encourages empathy as many readers will have experienced some of the struggles these characters
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