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To what extent is Airbus’ decision of building the world’s largest plane a success? Name: FONG Iong pan Candidate Number: 003160-0015 School: Shanghai United International School Word Count: 1404 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Background Knowledge of A380 4 SWOT Analysis for A380 Project 5 Strengths and Opportunities 6 Market Growth 6 Innovation 7 Market Forecast 7 Weaknesses and Threats 9 Production and Transportation 9 Long Product Cycle 9 High Operation Cost 10 Conclusion 10 Appendices 11 Bibliography 18 Introduction The Airbus Group SE is a civil aircraft manufacturer based in France. Airbus is one of the divisions in the company. Most of the company’s manufacturing and production processes are in facilities…show more content…
The Airbus is therefore recognized as the largest airplane in the world. Being an achievement that had not been seen before, Airbus’ project can be termed as innovation. Since publication of the Airbus A380 project, the company’s initiative has taken international stage in the world of aviation and developed strong brand awareness of Airbus. Passengers have also imprinted the Airbus experience as a highlighting event, promoting brand among them…show more content…
This essay purported to weigh the strengths and opportunities alongside the weaknesses and threats in order to figure out the extent to which creating the Airbus A380 contributes to the success of Airbus company. The intrinsic strengths and weaknesses that stand out are evolution and growth, high innovativeness, profound research and development initiatives, research to develop aircraft with low cost of operation and opportunity to increase customer base. The weaknesses and threats that are elaborate include increased cost of transportation, long product cycles, strong competition, high rate of fuel consumption and high rivalry between competitors. The benefits far outweigh the limitations and there is evidence of the tremendous growth that Airbus has witnessed since the showcasing of the A380. Appendices Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Appendix 3 Bibliography Books: American Psychological Association. (2015). ‘Commercial Aviation n AOAC – A future Aerospace Region Giant on the Rise Featuring Airbus a& Boeing’, M2 Communications, pp.36-48 Simons, G. (2014). The Airbus A380: A History Norris, G. (2005). Airbus A380: Superjumbo of the 21st century. St. Paul, Minn: MBI Pub. Vogel, G. (2012). Flying the Airbus A380. New York: Cordwood. Websites: Airbus Global Market Forecast 2015-2034: BBC news Airbus has

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