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1. Student goals (2) for each group. Members of AA groups are united by the desire to abstain from alcohol use as it causes a debilitating disease in their lives. Support groups reinforce positive behaviors, increase self esteem and provide safety. The first goal for attending an AA meeting was to identify characteristics of low self esteem related to alcohol addition. The second goal for the AA support group was to identify the use of effective coping related to having an adequate support system. 2. Safety Issus/Milieu Management /Observations and include the following information: Milieu safety appeared to be free of physical harms. However, emotional harm was evidenced by members parking by one of the busiest roads in Pensacola; a…show more content…
The beliefs in a higher power, going to meeting to remain sober and working the 12 steps with a sponsor. Alcohol or substance addiction destroys lives and tears families apart. My son’s father had a substance addiction the entire time we were together that only spiraled farther down till it lead to his death. I didn’t recognize the signs until the 2nd year of our relationship. He was spending money we didn’t have, never home and always suspicious of what I was doing. He made me leave work one day due to having a psychotic episode resulting from mixing alcohol and other substances. I put my foot down and told him he had to stop or leave. That is when he returned to NA and I was enlightened to understanding of what an addict was. Everything I read and learned from the groups about addiction was applicable to him. His inability to remain sober caused us to split for good. It was only a short time till his spiral became so out of control he only caused danger and harm to himself, his family and his children. It was hard attending this group and see survivors, hear their stories and have them say “I’m so happy I get to have my son…show more content…
Support groups provide patients with the opportunity to develop healthy trust in another person, gain new insight from those with the similar illness and establish accountability with the group. When advising patients’ to attend a group for discharge planning I can understand the application behind the intervention. Provide them with the times and locations of AA group meeting upon discharge. If a group comes onto the unit, adding attendance to the meeting should be part of the care plan. Attending group therapy will allow patients the opportunity to accept responsibilities for personal failures and verbalize the role alcohol played a part in those failures. 6. What would you change about the group/event to improve it? The group that I attended does not need to change their set up or dynamics. I feel they ran a tight support group that does and will continue to provide sharing of common feelings, concerns, stories and experiences. They diminish feelings of isolation and created a community of healing and restoration. I would place the “AA meeting here” sign in a more inconspicuous location towards the road. 7. Identify leadership observations, skills and opportunities of staff, consumers, peers, and self that influence others in a positive manner that promote positive and effective

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