AAA Leaders Competency Model: Case Study

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1. Using the AAA Leaders’ Competency Model (attached in the e-mail), identify one (1) strength and one (1) area of development for you. Provide examples of behavior for each competency where you’ve been given feedback or demonstrated skills.
Answer: If I consider the Leader’s Competency Model, I believe my strength as a Leader is “influence” and my area of developments is “strategic visioning.” Influence of a leader affects the actions, behaviors, and opinions of the other individuals especially in these situations where any direct authority does not exist. In my academic career and life, I always able to affects the behaviors, actions or opinions of other people. I am having the capability of establishing the credibility in my peer fellows,
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It is always based on a clear understanding of future challenges. I want to improve my strategic visioning as I want to identify valuable strategic opportunities in my future. I want to communicate in a most efficient manner with others and improve my visionary thinking. As discussed above I have the ability to communicate effectively, but I want to develop my skills in this area, and it is also suggested by my teacher and…show more content…
Name one person from your life (work or personal, past or present) that you view as a great leader. Why?
Answer: My leader and most influential person in my life is my teacher James Perkins who taught me in school in the past. I believe that Sir Perkins is the one in my life, who had all the best leadership styles and competencies and he is no doubt a great leader. I can’t even name the characteristics, advice, and knowledge about leadership I learned from him.
In my school, I was not a brilliant student, but he always admired me even when I got low marks. He always believed in me and my competencies and taught me that a good person should be a good leader who should work hard distinguish himself from the society and always work for the peace and betterment of the society.
He is a great leader to me because he had certain traits and characteristics which I never found in anyone else in my life. Like he was very humble and gentle even the worst scenarios of his life, I never saw him in an aggressive mood, and he always had a smile on his face. He loves everyone and desperately tried to help everyone, in return he was the most lovable personality of my school. He never underestimates the weak and bad students and works hard for the weak students and allows them to take extra classes after school without any charge. He was the most influential person in my life as I always want to be like him in my life and

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