AACC Code Of Ethics Case Study

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Tracy, Your thread was truly insightful. Before counseling anyone of a different ethnic background it is crucial for counselors to have a clear understanding on another person’s culture, values, and religion. In order to effectively counsel of those of different cultures, it is important for counselors to take a class, or at least read up on multicultural counseling. Even though the counselor was a Christian, they should have reviewed the AACC code of ethics. This code is especially helpful for those who are Christian counselors. Based on this code of ethics, several ethical standards were violated. The three that stand out are ES1-200, ES1-300, and ES1-500. Although the counselor felt she was competent enough to counsel the Korean family because of her experience counseling others who struggled with anxiety, she did not have experience working with Koreans who struggled with anxiety. As…show more content…
22). The counselor violated this ethical standard when she gave the reading of scripture passages for homework. She also violated this ethical standard when she told the client how to apply them to her life. The counselor should have asked the client if she could use biblical interventions in counseling (AACC code of ethics ES1-330, 2014, p. 22). Gaining consent is essential to effective counseling. The third ethical standard violation was not demonstrating cultural sensitivity in regard to client. The counselor should not have told the client to distance herself from her family. Counselors should “earnestly strive to develop and maintain culturally competent awareness and practices, such as…cross-cultural sensitivity and skills that enhance the helping process” (AACC code of ethics ES1-520, 2014, p. 25). Counselors should maintain sensitivity when it comes to counseling multicultural
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