ACL Injury Prevention Case Study

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Prevention programs The main focus of this paper was base on ACL injuries within young female athletes. As previously mentioned ACL rates have shown an increase over the past 20 years with females being more at risk than males. What is a prevention program? Prevention programs are programs designed to modify or eliminate risk factors in order to reduce injuries (Alentorn-Geli et al., 2009). In this case these programs can help female athletes reduce ACL exposure by either having them participate in the programs criteria or educate the athlete, parents and coaches of possible injury. Martinez et al., (2017) data was based on surveys given out to high school female athletes, analyzing how important they believed prevention programs were. From…show more content…
Jumping up for a header requires the individual to land correctly to avoid falling. As the athlete goes through the motions they don’t think step by step on how to properly land. Irmischer et al., (2004), observed nine weeks of training that focus on neurological adaption, which showed to be successful in reducing ACL injuries within female athletes. A control group and a treatment group where observed throughout 9 weeks. The treatment group was exposed to a knee ligament injury prevention program, which included a plyometric-base jump-landing jump task. Results from the data showed that peak impact forces at landing were reduced by about 26.4% and the force develop at landing was reduced by 27.3% (Irmischer et al., 2004). The group without the prevention program showed to have stronger forces impacting the knee. Caraffa, Cerulli, Projetti, Aisa, & Rizzo, (1996) a similar study observed a proprioception prevention program to see the influence it had within female athletes. And just like Irmischer et al., (2004) it concluded a decrease in ACLs to groups using the program. Programs like Irmischer et al., (2004) and Caraffa et al., (1996) can be very beneficial for female athletes helping reduce landing forces acting on their knee joint and improve their proprioception can prevent an ACL
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