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1. In the video, "ADHD Child vs. Non-ADHD Child Interview," how were the two children's answers to the questions the same and/or different? Which one do you think has ADHD and why? (6-10 sentences). • In the video, the two children had some similar answers and some different. Though I saw the difference right after hearing both of the children speak, the big differences started when the children where asked if they liked school. The boy in the video responded with yes, while the girl responded with no. Once that question was asked, the girl’s answers continued to be more negative than positive when answering the questions given. These are just a few reasons why I believe that the girl is the one that has ADHD. Though she has been diagnosed,…show more content…
It would be important for myself as a teacher to help her stay on task. I can see her being very social, so one of those distractions may be who she sits by in class. I would hope to sit down with Charlotte to discuss what her goals were for the year as she seemed very smart and understood what she goes through on a daily basis. 3. Looking at Armstrong's Chapter 3, "The Joys of ADHD," find and type up a quote from the chapter that you really resonate with (that is, it has particular meaning or importance to you or affects you in a personal or emotional way). Explain why this quote has resonance to you. (4-8 sentences). • “If we look beyond the classroom and out into the world with its many and varied niches, we see that there are actually a lot of successful people with ADHD. (pg. 52) • I personally feel this has a lot of importance. Many young people may struggle with ADHD and feel as if they are alone, when they are not. I feel it’s important to let these children know they are not alone and let them know of others who are affected by it. This book gives many examples of people from sport figures to scientist. As a child, if they can identify with someone it may help them and I would hope to use that if I were to ever have a child in my classroom with

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