ADHD In Elementary School

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Throughout elementary school, my teacher gave the class a spelling test every Friday. We would have to write our spelling words five times each and make sentences with the words. The homework seemed to help everyone but me. Everyone who did the homework excelled while I fell behind. My mom and I would sit at the kitchen table every day for at least thirty minutes, occasionally more, and work on my spelling words for the week. At times, my mom would even contact my teacher to ask if she could get my spelling words on Friday instead of Monday so that I had two extra days to work on them. The extra days never helped enough. By the end of the week, I would still make mistakes on the test. I used to think anyone else would make a 100% if they worked this hard. I would always get confused between which letters would go first. I would miss words on the test that I never had a problem with when I studied at home. My brother had a different problem. He started to show signs of ADHD in elementary school. He would constantly talk and…show more content…
His teachers did not know how to treat and react to him. Not only his peers and parents in the community but also the teachers and principal disregarded his disorders and labeled him as a problem child. He might as well have walked around with a sigh around his neck saying “WARNING PROBLEM CHILD! TAKE PRECAUTION! DO NOT INTERACT… DANGEROUS.” He began to receive threats on social media by his peers due to the fight. I tried to stick up for him, but it only made things worse for him and my family as a whole. When we were in public, adults would take their children and make it a point to walk away from us; no one wanted to be seen with us. People in the community looked at me strangely even when my brother was not with me. I started to lose the confidence that I had once gained by fitting at school because I thought something was wrong with
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