AI Robots Pros And Disadvantages

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Pros and Cons of AI robots Can you imagine your life without technological machines? Technology has played a big part in our life. It is advancing and progressing rapidly in order to increase efficiency. Because of their advanced and useful ability, artificial intelligence, including computerized machines and robots, are spreading worldwide. However, while the uses of robots are helpful and effective, they can cause devastating effects towards people in the world if this technology falls in wrong hands. Since AI robots can perform like humans, they are often used for business development both domestically and internationally. Industries are starting to use machines rather than employing people because, firstly, robots can be programmed to…show more content…
Stephen Hawking, an English physicist, warned, “The development of AI could spoil the end of human race.” Elon Musk, CEO of Space Exploration Technology, said, “We are summoning the demon.” These two speeches are not impossible to happen in reality. Movies and animations about AI robots become more popular over the past few years. Many of them, including I, Robot, Robot Overlords, and Terminator, are about robots taking over countries around the world. The idea will not come up if taking over by robots is impossible. People believe that one day robots will be the most powerful thing on earth which even humans that make them could not stop them. We should start doing something before this event happen. Firstly, robots should be easily turn off and remain under human control. Secondly, people should play the biggest role in society, not robots. Humans should rely on their own selves more than technology. Lastly, scientists should predict the outcome of what they invent. Will it destroy humanity? Will it always be under control? Will it overcome people on earth? Robots should not be too powerful, or else they will make detrimental damages for people in the
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