Pros And Cons Of AI Robots

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Pros and Cons of AI robots Can you imagine your life without technological machines? Technology has played a big part in our life. It is advancing and progressing rapidly in order to increase efficiency. Because of their advanced and useful ability, artificial intelligence, including computerized machines and robots, are spreading worldwide. However, while the uses of robots are helpful and effective, they can cause devastating effects towards people in the world if this technology falls in wrong hands. Since AI robots can perform like humans, they are often used for business development both domestically and internationally. Industries are starting to use machines rather than employing people because, firstly, robots can be programmed to operate 24 hours without having holidays. This increases productivity rate in short amount of time. Secondly, AI robots are more accurate than humans, which results in a…show more content…
Firstly, they are used for surgery. Many patients see more benefits from robots than humans, including less blood loss, no big scars, and 360 degrees hand rotation. While AI robots used in surgery have these advantages, rate of injuries and deaths increases. Between 2011 and 2012, the rate increased 34 percent, and it is still increasing. Secondly, AI robots are used in military. They are used instead of soldiers in wars as powerful weapons. They are also used to spy and detect harsh areas which soldiers cannot go in. Many countries such as U.S., Nigeria, China, and Israel start preparing drones, considered as AI robots, for war. These drones are not just drones for taking photos, but they are weaponized aerial vehicles which contain powerful weapons. If weaponized robots fall into wrong hands, they will certainly be used to destroy the world. They can kill people and destruct properties. They will cause damages for all people over the world. AI robots are useful in saving people lives, yet also end people
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