AJ Jordan Case Study Essay

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The student assessed, AJ Jordan, is a fourth grade student. He was referred to special education mid-second grade due to an increase in behavioral difficulties. These behaviors significantly impacted his ability to access the academic curriculum, interrupted the learning of others and, he was hospitalized due to an increase of unsafety in the home. AJ was assessed by the special education team and, it was determined that he met the requirements of Emotionally Disturbed, one of the thirteen recognized, academic disabilities. It was then determined that the regular education classroom was not the least restrictive environment and, AJ was referred to a self-contained behavior program housed in the same school. Mid-year, in second grade, AJ made the transition to the self-contained classroom and, for the remainder of the school year struggled to meet academic and behavioral expectations. AJ then began third grade with a new case manager, the…show more content…
However, as the school year progressed, AJ stabilized and, was mainstreamed for literacy in the regular education classroom. AJ’s fourth grade year has seen continuous improvement on an emotional level which has led to more consistent academic success and, the ability to implement coping strategies. AJ is invested in his education, motivated to do well and, hopes to graduate from his current placement in a behavioral program. AJ does have an occasional meltdown especially when tired however, they last less than twenty minutes and he is easily soothed. Additionally, he recently utilized a take space room to scream and cry versus writhing on the floor. AJ’s additional services do include Occupational Therapy 4 times per month. AJ and the therapist generally work on coordination, penmanship and elements of writing. AJ will often leave with a writing prompt or, a completed piece and will work through the writing process with the Occupational
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