ALDI: Customer Relationship Management

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Question 1 answer: Customer relationship management is mainly about building relationships with a company’s targeted profitable customers and maintaining that relationship through delivering customer value, as in how a consumer perceives a certain product and values it enough to buy it rather than buying the competitor’s product, and delivering customer satisfaction where the product meets the exact expectations the consumer had actually expected from the product or more, but not less. Companies can build customer relationships at many levels, depending on the nature of the target market (Kotler and Armstrong, 1988). Companies with many low-margin customers can develop basic relationships by which a company doesn’t get to know it’s consumers…show more content…
ALDI supermarkets, a well-known retailer in business, focused on retaining and gaining customer’s loyalty on those who were already familiar with the ALDI brand. ALDI’s main objective is getting its message across which is offering the best quality products at the lowest price possible. One of ALDI’s marketing strategies is the ‘Like brands’ by which ALDI created high quality products similar to those products of a well-known brand and competitors, but with a lower price. ALDI created blind tastes of these ‘like brands’ where people can taste ALDI’s brands and the national brand to see if they can make a…show more content…
ALDI specializes on its own labeled products brand, creates high quality products with fair features, designs and packaging, ALDI also focuses on the variety of products that are mostly needed in each and every household, so ALDI does not only offer food but also offers electronic products, clothes, household goods, health and beauty products. By creating ALDI’s exclusive own brands, ALDI can minimize the costs on the products itself, therefore listing low prices for customers; Also ALDI is fortunate enough for its high purchasing power from suppliers, therefore ALDI can bargain the best prices so it can keep low costs and low prices; Another several ways ALDI is minimizing costs is for example: cart renting, as well as ALDI’s re-usable bags to reduce costs and insure low prices and saving for customers. ALDI took into consideration the importance of locating its stores in places convenient for people and also accessible, also taking into consideration public transportation links and parking spaces available, creating online channels for customers to locate their nearest ALDI store; Yet unlike other supermarket ALDI is not opened for 24H, ALDI’s opening hours are at the times where people are most likely to go shopping to minimize cost. As mentioned before prices aren’t something ALDI can compromise on and one of ALDI’s strategies is minimizing costs for competitive
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